Diameter 400mm
Distance between centers 1200mm

Bar diameter 5-65mm
Max. Bar length 1550mm

Max diameter above the bed is 200 mm
Max diameter above the support is 80 mm
Dictance between centers is 350 mm
Weight of machine is 300 kg

Spindle capacity with collets:
-Round, up to 16 mm
-Hexagonal, up to 13 mm
-Tetrahedral, up to 11 mm

turning diameter:
284 mm
turning length:
406 mm

Max processing diameter over bed: 400 mm
Max processing diameter over support: 220 mm
Max processing diameter in recess of bed: 400 mm
Max distance between centers: 1000 mm

Max dia 1250
Distancebetween center 5000 mm

Distance between centers, mm 5000
Swing Over Bed , mm 1000

turning length: 490 mm
turning diameter: 260 mm

turning length: 600 mm
turning diameter over bed: 440 mm